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How to Sustain and Provide Impact with Donating

The once sleepy world of corporate philanthropy has been perking up lately. An older model of giving, which often involved cutting lots of checks to local charities without asking many questions, is giving way to a more focused and strategic approach. Many businesses are now looking to tap the full range of their assets to make a measurable impact on a specific set of problems, and even target what channels or groups it benefits.

AmeriWorks was created to make that measurable impact today! The mission of AmeriWorks is to make positive change in our communities by giving people an opportunity to work, help them earn income quickly while at the same time see charities grow and flourish in the process. AmeriWorks is turning donations into jobs, making an impact on social good like never seen before. In essence, AmeriWorks is reinventing and strengthening how donations are used with a proven solution that impacts individual lives and charity operations.

making an impact

Impactful Giving

Donors all agree today that they just don’t want to throw money away on programs that will cease to produce impact once the donation or grant is depleted. Grant awards are investments in change, and funders want to make a good investment. “Sustainability doesn’t relate to the program activities,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “It relates to continuing impact. Think of it as ongoing dividends paid on the funder’s initial investment.”

When a donation is received by AmeriWorks, an approved IRS 501(c)3, those funds are immediately given to a local charity in the form of job credits to further the operation of that charity. The job credits are available on a robust and innovative app that allows the charity to post jobs to help their non-profit operation as they deem necessary for a range of needs, such as hire office help for better organization or improve their social media and marketing presence. It builds the capacity of the non-profit so they are sustainable over longer periods of time.

3 Win’s to Giving!

The end result of donations to AmeriWorks is the impact to individual lives. Donations are turned into paying jobs for members in the community (Win!) who also could be members or beneficiaries of the Charity that is posting the jobs. This is a true form of collaboration at work, giving Community Support to those that need it while still seeing local charities more efficient in their operations. (Win!) Another win is the diversity goals of the original donor can be met simply but donating to AmeriWorks and targeting the channel or group of choice. (Win!) The targeted charity could be for Veterans, for the local Boys and Girls Clubs, for a non-profit that operates in the low income neighborhoods of your City, whatever diversity goals the Corporation wants to meet can be accomplished and results reported accordingly.

Start making an impact in your community by making a tax-deductible donation to AmeriWorks today.

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