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AmeriWorks allows individuals to make an immediate income while benefiting local charities. AmeriWorks provides job skill development services to individuals who may be underemployed or unemployed. These services are designed to help the unemployed increase their chances for gainful and meaningful work as Independent Contractors (IC's). This program lessens the overwhelming burden of the large percentage of unemployed individuals in state and local communities by providing job skills and training.


As a Donor, you are helping your local community by providing gig opportunities for those in need of income, while receiving 100% accountability for your donations that benefit the targeted organizations of choice. The Charities, Schools or Organizations win by having compensated accountable IC's rather than unpredictable volunteers.


Most importantly, the millions of unemployed Americans benefit from the donations most by getting a hand up, not a handout.  



AmeriWorks provides annual reports showing exactly how many gigs are created by donors and their benefiting organizations, showing full accountability.


Donate today and together we will accomplish the 1,000,000 Gigs Initiative!

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