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A New Way to Give


Welcome to the first ever AmeriWorks story! Together we will be delving into the mission of AmeriWorks, a 501-(c)(3) Public Charity that revolutionizes charitable giving by creating jobs and paid job training opportunities. AmeriWorks has a goal to create 1 Million Jobs by redirecting donations to designated charities so they have the ability to post jobs and hire individuals for the benefit of their charity.

Transforming Donations

As an example, the following situation is one that many Americans have seen themselves or can empathize with regardless of their affiliation with the military.

Separating from military service is a big undertaking for many service members, and the fear of the unknown can be a deterrent for them when it comes time to take the plunge and rejoin civilian life. A transition as jarring as this can be extremely stressful. Finding a new home in a different state, locating the best schools for their children, applying to college and using the GI Bill, all while trying to become accustomed to a completely different environment.

San Diego is the 8th largest city in America, and with that, it also has the third largest concentration of veterans in the country. San Diego is also home to more than 150+ non-profit organizations dedicated to helping veterans/active-duty service members through many of the challenges that they and their families can face.

Donation Results

As a Public Charity, donations are targeted as job credits to the donor’s charity or organization of choice, i.e. Veterans Groups, African Americans, LGBTQ, Homeless Groups etc. The job credits allows the charity to create jobs and training opportunities using an on-demand job technology platform and then hire individuals to perform work to benefit the charity. The charity’s operations are strengthened by having compensated accountable workers rather than unreliable volunteers. This significantly impacts the charity mission, gives immediate income to those in need, the donor achieves impactful giving, and most of all, creates social good in our surrounding communities. AmeriWorks creates these jobs and job training opportunities while meeting donors diversity goals and objectives with full accountability and transparency. Now, with everything that AmeriWorks offers, it’s up to the donors to envision the benefits of what their donations can do.

Imagine that!

The service member that is living in San Diego after separating from the military now has the opportunity to benefit from your donation by attending a paid job-training seminar. Their spouse can even apply to a job sponsored by your donation that could be driving a disabled veteran to a medical appointment or to the grocery store.

To easily manage the donation of jobs and job training, the charities utilize Band Of Hands, a mobile and web based job platform that allows them to review, hire and pay Workers to help them with their charitable mission or cause. The Workers, who can be beneficiaries of the Charities, will be able to accept the work posted by the Charity and receive compensation for the work provided.

If you want to be a part of an innovative new way to donate to nonprofit organizations and better your community, head over to Take the first step and see how your donation can make a powerful impact today!

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